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1. These Terms of Use specify the rules of using the system by Users.

Can Expect Sp. z o.o. with the registered office at Gorlice (38-300) ul. Łokietka 162, entered into National Court Register kept by the District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the National Court Register (KRS) number: 0000339020, owns and manages the system.

2. Definitions

User -­ a person registered in the system.

Administrator ­- a person that manages the system.

Fees – fees paid by the user for using services available in the system. The list of fee rates can be found on the website under “Pricing” (Price List).

Interested party – a natural or legal entity interested in the use of services available in the system.

Registration – filling in the registration form with the interested party’s data in order to start using the services available in the system and thus accepting the Terms of Use of the system.

3. Registration

1. In order to use the services available in the system, the Interested party shall register on the website. Once registration has been successfully completed, the Interested party becomes the User.

2. During the registration, the Interested party shall provide true data and accept the Terms of Use of the system.

3. The Administrator declares that data provided during the registration shall be kept confidential and shall not be available to any third parties.

4. The user’s password shall be encrypted with one-way encryption algorithms and its full version shall not be stored on the server.

5. The Administrator reserves the right to refuse to provide services for the User that has provided false or untrue data.

6. The Administrator reserves the right to announce a hiatus in services without any explanation.

7. All communication shall be sent by email to the address provided by the User during the registration.

4. Personal data protection

1. is the administrator of personal data as provided for in the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended).

2. The User’s personal data shall be processed by for statutory purposes and in relation to service provision, archiving and the sale of products and services, as well as for marketing actions taken by on their own or in the cooperation with other entities.

3. The User’s personal data might be disclosed to the competent authorities and economic information offices, and, if necessary, to debt collection institutions, including debt collectors and purchasers and sellers of receivables, and their representatives.

4. shall ensure that rights arising out of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended) be observed, i.e. shall allow Users to view and modify their personal data and, in cases specified in the Act, to file a written letter demanding that their data be no longer processed, and to file a complaint letter against their data being processed for marketing purposes or against disclosing it to another administrator of personal data.

5. The User shall send any correspondence related to the processing of their personal data to the Administrator’s address available on the website under “Contact”.

5. Creating offers and analysing the performance of the sales department in

1. The system allows the User to create commercial offers and to analyse the performance of their sales department. The aim of using is to facilitate and improve the effectiveness of the performance of salesmen, and to provide a fast and easily accessible analysis of the company in terms of the performance of the sales department.

2. The Administrator does not act as an agent in the sale of products included in commercial offers by the User. The system is not an owner of products included in commercial offers by the User and shall not be responsible for any products being out of stock or for any problems related to them.

6. Fees

1. Services available in the system are provided at a fee. The current price list of services can be found on the website under “Pricing” (Price List). By using the system, the User agrees to pay fees in accordance with the current price list. The Administrator declares that the User shall not be charged without their knowledge.

2. The fee is charged when the User creates more than 50 offers a month. Once this limit is exceeded, the user shall pay the fee of $9 (gross) a month per one user account in order to create more than 50 offers a month in

3. If the purchase has been made in a different currency, the bank from which the transfer has been made shall be responsible for the value of currency conversion.

4. Paymentwall, Inc. is the payment intermediary and shall be contacted in case of any complaints related to delays in upgrading the premium account.

5. Prices listed on the website are gross values including a VAT tax of 23%.

6. After making a payment, every user shall be sent a VAT invoice to the email address provided during the registration.

7. The payment method is selected on the Paymentwall website after the User has selected the number of accounts and the subscription period they wish to purchase. The payment for upgrading the premium account can be made by fast online transfer, credit card or PayPal.

8. The cost of upgrading the premium account varies, and the current price can be found under “Pricing” (Price List) on the system’s website.

9. Account upgrades are booked automatically, but in rare cases, the User may have to wait up to 24 hours for the account to be upgraded.

10. If there are any problems with payment, the Purchaser should contact the Paymentwell Customer Service Office by email at or the Administrator of the website at

7. Closing the account

1. In order to close (deactivate) the account, the User has to first contact the Administrator by email at This is done free of charge.

2. In accordance with the Art. 180(a) of the Act on the Telecommunications Law, the user account with its full history shall be deleted after 12 months from the account deactivation.

8. Cookies Policy

The Websites use automatic data storage mechanisms (“cookies”, “ETag”s). They are used to ensure better matching of the Websites to the needs of Users. For the purposes of this policy, the automatic data storage mechanisms are referred to as “cookies”.

“Cookies” are files stored on the User's final device, which are used to identify the User's browser while using the Websites. They provide administrators with statistical data about User traffic, User activity and site usage. They enable customizing the content and services according to the User's preferences.

Most “cookies” are session cookies, which are automatically deleted from the hard drive after the end of the session (i.e. after logging out or closing the browser window). Some cookies allow for identification of the User during the next visit on the site - they are not removed automatically and are stored on the final device.

The User may at any time disable accepting cookies in the browser, however, it may result in difficulties with the delivery of services provided through the Website.

For safety reasons, it is recommended to use the latest available versions of web browsers.

In case of experiencing problems with blocking cookies, the User may ask for help, by sending an e-mail request to:

9. Contact

1. The Administrator can be contacted by email at

10. Infringement of the Terms of Use and the Administrator’s responsibility

1. In case of any infringement of these Terms of Use by the User, the Administrator reserves the right to refuse to provide services for the User.

2. The User shall be responsible for providing untrue data and for any infringements of the terms.

3. The Administrator shall not be responsible for the content of commercial offers created in the system.

4. The Administrator shall not be responsible for any illegal services provided by the User in the system.

5. If the User infringes the Terms of Use, the Administrator reserves the right to report infringements to the relevant authorities.

11. Modification of the Terms of Use

1. The Administrator reserves the right to modify and update these Terms of Use and to replace them with new ones. Users shall be notified of all modifications implemented in these Terms by email sent to the address provided during the registration.

2. The User has the right to decline to accept the new terms. In such case, the User shall no longer be able to use the system.

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